Find Your Next Path

NextAdvocate helps connect people to education and  career tools that don’t break the bank.


Find great educational opportunities that fit your budget.


Understand the careers that have the most future job opportunity and earnings potential.

Test Prep

Learn about entrance exams and career testing that will be required as you explore new opportunities.

NextAdvocate focuses on education and career opportunities that take a maximum of 2-3 years of schooling with some taking only a matter of months. Find the schools, testing requirements, and potential careers aligned with these degrees. All of this with a commitment to getting students the best Return on Investment for their education.

By analyzing public and user-generated data, we formulate unbiased rankings and reviews of the best schools, careers, and tools to help people succeed as they take on take on these new challenges.

This makes our platform ideal for young people who want to avoid long periods in school with the potential of high student loan debt. It’s also ideal for people looking for a new career later in life who can’t afford to spend 4 years in a traditional college.