Jobscan Review

Jobscan Review

At a Glance

Jobscan provides a powerful set of tools to help build your resume by checking it against certain Applicant Tracking System criteria. These systems are used by employers to automatically select qualified applicants before a human even sees the resume. With Jobscan you upload your resume along with the job posting you want to apply for, and they provide information about how likely you are to get an interview. This is a different take than most resume builders out there that don’t give as much detail from an employer’s perspective. In recent years they’ve added a significant number of tools, including their own resume builder. They also have a free trial so you can get started with no risk.

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Company Facts

  • Scans resume and matches you with an actual job listing
  • Helps optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Uses software similar to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by many large companies

Jobscan Prices

Jobscan Pricing Plans

Jobscan’s pricing is similar to other resume builders as it offers different tiers of pricing. You can select from a free option that gives you 2 free match rate calculations and 2 keyword comparisons per month. With the free version you have a limited scan history of 2 scans, and you will have access to the Resume Manager and Jobscan learning center. That’s a good number of tools completely free forever.

After this you will need upgrade to one of their premium plans.

One Month Free  – $89/ 3 months – This plan comes with a one month free trial  and costs $89.95 for every 3 month period afterwards. It allows for cancellation anytime during the free trial period. You also have the option to pay on a monthly basis but you do not get the free month.

The 3 month package is automatically billed every 3 months, so don’t forget to cancel if you no longer need the service.

Monthly – $49.95/month – If you are relatively certain you won’t need the service for long, then you can pay $49.95 for one month of service. Again, you will need to cancel if you no longer need the service.

If you think you may need more than one month of their services, the 3-month plan is undoubtedly their best package.

Regardless of which paid version you opt for, you’ll get access to an large set of tools. Here’s a list of what you get in either paid plan:

  • Unlimited match rate calculations
  • Unlimited keyword comparisons
  • Unlimited Scan History
  • Resume Manager
  • Jobscan Learning Center
  • LinkedIn Optimization (after free trial)
  • Cover Letter Optimization
  • Jobs that you match
  • Predicted skills
  • Resume Power Edit
  • Premium ATS & recruiter findings
  • ATS Revealed eBook
  • ATS friendly resume templates
  • Premium cover letter template


 Free Trial3 MonthsMonthly
Free TrialYesYesNo
PriceFree$89.95 - After 1 free month$49.95
Match Rate Calculations5UnlimitedUnlimited
Keyword Comparisons5IncludedIncluded
Resume ManagerIncludedIncludedIncluded
LinkedIn OptimizationNoIncludedIncluded
Scan History20UnlimitedUnlimited

Jobscan Features

Job Match

A truly unique feature of Jobscan is helping to match your resume to a specific job listing. There are some other resume builders that will match you to different jobs in their database of job listings, but this is different.

By using technology similar to an ATS, Jobscan is looking at your resume through the lens of the potential employer. You then get specific feedback that can help tailor your resume for that job.

Jobscan resume matching feature

This tool goes into detail about many of the different skill sets you may need for the specific job. These include what they call hard and soft skills and other keyword-specific skills.

After looking at your skills in relation to your job listing, Jobscan also compares your skills against their own job database. You will see a list of other job recommendations based on what they see in your resume.

Resume Analysis

ATS Findings

Jobscan starts by walking you through an analysis of your resume and the gaps it may have when being reviewed by an ATS. It is especially valuable in showing the skills and keywords you can add to improve your resume. It will also look through the Job Title, Education, Section Headings, and Date Formatting to ensure they match the potential job opportunity and are formatted correctly.

Recruiter Findings

Jobscan realizes that an ATS is only part of the process of getting an interview. You also have to account for actual recruiters and what they are looking for. To help with this, they’ve conducted interviews with recruiters to determine resume best practices.

Here you will find useful information regarding Word Count, Measurable Results, Job Level Match, and Words to Avoid. For instance, people sometimes forget that recruiters don’t want a resume that takes too long to read. By keeping it to a certain length, you increase the chances a recruiter will take the time to read everything. It also keeps you focused on key data points like specific results you’ve had in previous jobs.

Some of the components of Jobscan reviews seem complex and go far beyond what most people consider in their resume. Each section has detailed explanations so you can understand exactly why the section is important to your resume.

Premium ATS & Recruiter Findings

A new feature offered is an in-depth review of formatting and content analysis for ATS and recruiters. This tool digs into the specifics of document formatting, image formatting, fonts, and page sizes. For example, recruiters often need to print your resume. Jobscan can help flag any sizing issues of your document to avoid embarrassing issues. 

Hard Skills

These are skills learned through specific education or job experience. It’s critical to communicate these skills and to match them with a specific job. Jobscan makes this easy by matching your skills against the job description and showing you the gaps. You will get an easy-to-read summary of the skills you need to add in order to better match the qualifications.

Soft Skills

According to Jobscan, these skills aren’t quite as important as the hard skills above but are still worth optimizing. They look at things like passion, innovation, competitiveness, and judgment. While these things might not land you a job with no hard skills, they certainly are complimentary. 

Other Keywords

Jobscan doesn’t stop at hard and soft skills. It analyzed job postings for other keywords and alerts you to any gaps in your resume. This helps give you a snapshot of any other skills that might help you land the job and get through the initial resume screening process.

Job  Recommendations

Lastly, this tool can output a list of job recommendations powered by Indeed. By taking all the facets already discussed above and then applying that to current job postings, you get a relevant list of jobs you might be interested in.

Cover Letter Analysis

  • General Findings
  • Hard Skills
  • Soft Skills

Resume Manager

Jobscan’s resume manager allows you to upload multiple resumes and look at the hard and soft skills matched from previous resumes.

Don’t mistake this tool for a traditional resume builder where you are saving and downloading the final version of a resume. Jobscan’s resume manager is meant more to track the history of job searches and how you might improve your resume.

Resume Builder

Jobscan now has its own built-in resume builder that makes creating your resume quick and easy. It creates resumes that accurately autofill into any job application and formats them for applicant tracking systems (ATS). This is a brilliant method of creating your resume because it starts off using the criteria most businesses will want to see when filtering out resumes.

Resume Power Edit

While Jobscan does not function as a traditional resume builder, this feature does allow for resume editing. The Power Edit feature allows you to upload your resume in Word doc format and then edit alongside keyword and formatting suggestions.

This allows you to keep an eye on your overall score as you make changes. When your work is complete, you can then export your final resume.

Resume and Cover Letter Templates

Jobscan does offer many different ATS-friendly resume templates and a premium cover letter template.

Jobscan has broken its resume templates out by the level of experience. Starting with classic resume templates, Jobscan has three options depending on how you would like to format your resume. Choose from chronological, hybrid, or functional. Chronologic is great for a formal resume, whereas the hybrid is the most versatile and popular for most resumes today. However, if you are changing careers or masking some holes in your resume, then the functional template is a good starting point.

Next, Jobscan offers Senior Level and Executive resume templates. These templates put a higher emphasis on the results you’ve delivered to an organization. They also call out critical soft skills for many executives like leadership, innovation, and an entrepreneurial drive.

While similar to executive templates, Jobscan management resume templates offer some slight differences. These templates attempt to convey growth and deep industry experience along with interpersonal skills.

If you haven’t made it to the management level yet, but have surpassed entry-level, then Jobscan has mid-career level templates. These templates focus more on a candidate’s ability to execute along with the appropriate hard skills you’ve gained.

Last but not least, Jobscan offers new graduate resume templates. These templates move your education to the top and expand on the college experience from there. They allow you to explain the details of the clubs, honors, coursework, and other things you did in school while preparing for the workforce.

This coupled with the powerful analysis tools can give you a major leg up when applying for jobs.

LinkedIn Optimization

Jobscan also offers LinkedIn optimization for premium accounts. Given the growing popularity of this social media platform with companies and recruiters, it’s important to have it updated. 

You will need to have a premium account in order to use the LinkedIn optimization features. You get these with both types of premium account, but if it’s the only reason you are using Jobscan, then you might consider a monthly plan rather than 3 months.

Learning Center

Jobscan also offers a learning center similar to other resume builder companies. This resource center can help you with writing your resume, and resume templates. It also offers handy guides on writing cover letters and your LinkedIn profile.

Most importantly it has a tutorial on searching for your job. Here you will find ATS systems explained and other helpful information to land the perfect job.

Jobscan Free Trial

Jobscan offers two free options. One of them is not on a trial basis, but free forever. While you will have significantly reduced functionality, it does give you the ability to conduct a couple of scans of your resume with no risk of being charged.

The free trial comes with their 3-month package discussed above in the pricing sections. With the exception of the LinkedIn Optimization functionality, the free trial comes fully equipped. That makes signing up for a full-service account fairly risk-free. Jobscan clearly thinks you find adequate value in their tools give you can cancel the trial at any period during the free period.

Keep in mind that you will have the option to opt out of the free trial if you want the LinkedIn Optimization tool immediately. So if that’s one of the main tools you’re looking for, then be prepared to select a paid plan from the outset.

Jobscan Customer Service

Jobscan currently offers most of their support via online FAQ’s and tutorials. The tool is relatively straight forward, and for most questions, these online tools will do the trick.

If you have additional questions, they offer support over email, but no phone or chat support. If you’re concerned about needing individual assistance to use this tool, it may not be the right product for you.

What We Like

Jobscan provides an enormous amount of data compared to traditional resume builders. This tool doesn’t just deliver something that will look good, but something with much more value. If your resume can’t make it through the front door, who cares how pretty it is. Not only does Jobscan provide adequate templates, but it delivers real-world data making it more likely you will get an interview.

They not only take into account ATS systems but recruiter variables as well. This deals with the reality that some aspects of getting a job may rest in the program, while others rely on an actual person seeing and reviewing your resume.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the free trial last?

Jobscan’s current free trial period is for 30 days and includes all functionality other than the LinkedIn Optimization tool. If you want this tool you will need to opt-out of the free trial period.

Can you cancel the free trial?

You can cancel at any time during the free trial period. If you do cancel on or before the trial expiration date, you will not be charged.

Is Jobscan free?

There is a free version of Jobscan that you can use without signing up for a paid plan. See the details above in our pricing section for the functionality you will get with that free plan. Additionally, you can take advantage of the 30-day free trial offered with their 3-Month membership plan.

Is Jobscan accurate?

Jobscan is accurate and has been shown to help thousands of users tailor their resumes to specific job offerings. Their system looks at the criteria an ATS system is looking for, and then backs into what elements your resume should contain for a job posting.

Is Jobscan worth it?

Considering the value of landing a job, a tool like Jobscan is worth it for many job seekers. Considering many applications never get to the point of being reviewed by human eyes because they don’t pass the ATS system, Jobscan can greatly improve your chances of getting a specific job.

How much does Jobscan cost?

Jobscan has a variety of payment options including a free plan with trimmed-down functionality. From there you will have the option to select a 3-month plan for $89.95 every 3 months or pay monthly for $49.95

Jobscan Alternatives

When we talk about alternatives to Jobscan, realize that not all of them are comparing apples to apples. Jobscan really is unique when it comes to resume builders because uses the ATS process and works backward to help identify improvement points.

That said, if you are looking for a traditional resume builder, there are a number of alternatives we’ve listed below. Keep in mind, these resume builders are intended more for generating a larger amount of content to help fill out your resume with relevant experience.

Jobscan also has a traditional builder but excels at analyzing existing resume content against an actual job posting. While these alternatives may help to identify job opportunities based on your experience, they won’t recommend changes to your resume based on the content of that posting.

my Perfect Resume

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$2.95/14 Day Access
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Free e-mail and PDF
12/month for MS Word
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Download to PDF, MS Word, Text
Great tools with easy-to-use interface
Great tools with easy-to-use interface
Most forward thinking solution, with great sharing capability
Unlimited resumesUnlimited resumesUnlimited resumes
Compare more options

The Bottom Line

Jobscan fits into a different mold than most resume builders and fills a needed niche. If the design is not your main concern, but need to understand how your content matches up to an existing job posting, consider Jobscan. If you need more assistance with design, you may want to check out a pure resume builder like My Perfect Resume.

You won’t find any other resume builders that will scan your resume against a specific job posting and give you quality feedback.

The ability to have your LinkedIn profile optimized at the same time is a huge value-added benefit.

While this is still a newer product, Jobscan has continued to improve product features bring it closer to other resume builders on the market. But the sheer amount of actionable data provided is unmatched.

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