Most in Demand Jobs for the Future

The world is changing, and so are the needs of our workforce. These jobs are expected to have the highest demand over the next ten years as we move further into a high-tech world.

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Most In Demand Jobs for the Future

Whether you’re in the market for a new job out of necessity or you just want a change, finding a job with high demand in the future should be a consideration.

There are many occupations that have been popular in the past that have seen significant declines. Think about jobs like cashiers, secretaries, executive assistants, and retail jobs of all kinds. These jobs are on the downturn due to the massive shift in how we shop and conduct business.

Likewise, many industries that weren’t as popular years ago are now becoming some of the most popular jobs on the market. We’re talking health aides and nurses of all types. And of course, tech jobs are skyrocketing in demand.

We’ve taken a look at the statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor and statistics to see which jobs are truly increasing at the greatest rate. We’ve also paid close attention to the overall demand that each of these jobs is likely to have over the next 10 years.

As one might expect many of the high-demand jobs in the future focus on the high tech and medical industries which have been growing consistently for the last 20 years. You’ll also notice that many of these jobs require something less than a bachelor’s degree. Some requiring no formal education at all, while others require an associate’s or certificate degree.

The median annual wage across all of these jobs is $41,950, which is above the national average, but you’ll see a wide range of potential earnings. From six figures to under $25,000 per year. We’re going to start with those job opportunities whose median wage is more than $40,000 since we believe the ROI is likely better with these jobs looking into the future.

Let’s get started!

Software Developers and Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers

Current Number Employed: 1.8m

Growth Expected: 118k

Median Annual Salary: $110,140

Typical Degree Required: Bachelor’s

There should be no surprise that software developers found their way to the top of this list. Ever since the early 2000’s, software development has been on an incredible upward trend. And as our economy becomes even more dependent on the high tech sector, the need for those software developers will continue to grow.

Along with software development, also comes the need to test for quality on those same systems. So not only will you see demand for developers skyrocket, but positions to ensure quality and testing will also increase dramatically.

There are very few careers you can train for that will come with this type of future demand in the job market.

Registered Nurses

Current Number Employed: 3.1m

Growth Expected: 276k

Median Annual Salary: $110,140

Typical Degree Required: Bachelor’s

Almost any list that tells you what jobs will be in demand over the next ten years will include registered nurses. Due to the increasing age of the baby boomer population, the need for almost every medical career is going up. But the demand for nurses is exceeding most due to the number of roles they play across different medical facilities.

While registered nurses are the most well-known and commonly used, nurses of all types are in demand. Whether you are thinking about becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant or going for something more advanced, you will be well-positioned for the future.

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Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Current Number Employed: 741k

Growth Expected: 163k

Median Annual Salary: $110,140

Typical Degree Required: Bachelor’s

To grow a business, marketing is critical, and in today’s world, there are many dynamics in the marketing profession. From more traditional marketing needs to online and social media, a business needs to understand its customers and how to find them more than ever.

Enter market research analysts and marketing specialists who can help identify these strategies. If you can build skills in marketing and use them to help bring in new customers, you will be a precious commodity to many companies.

That, combined with the expected high demand for these jobs in the future, you have a good chance of success with this career.

Medical and Health Services Managers

Current Number Employed: 429k

Growth Expected: 139k

Median Annual Salary: $110,140

Typical Degree Required: Bachelor’s

Along with other healthcare jobs, the need for managers of these facilities will grow dramatically over the next ten years. Medical and health service managers are responsible for the management of entire facilities or departments. That’s why they have such a high median wage, making it an attractive career path.

If you like the medical field and enjoy management, consider going after a degree to become a medical or health services manager.

Management Analysts

Current Number Employed: 907k

Growth Expected: 124k

Median Annual Salary: $110,140

Typical Degree Required: Bachelor’s

Another lucrative career path is that of a management analyst (aka management consultant). If you have a mind for business and enjoy analyzing data, then this might be an excellent job for you.

As many functions within businesses are outsourced or taken over by technology, management analysts are expected to see high demand in the future. There will continue to be a need for human eyes to evaluate data collected from software systems and make the appropriate recommendations.

Management analysts will formulate this data into useable actions that can be implemented by businesses to improve performance. It’s an excellent job for those who like variety, as you will most likely have multiple clients throughout your career.

Heavy Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

Current Number Employed: 1.9m

Growth Expected: 122k

Median Annual Salary: $110,140

Typical Degree Required: Bachelor’s

One of the more traditional jobs expected to see continued high demand is for truck drivers. While companies like Waymo and Uber continue to explore ways to build autonomous trucks, the BLS isn’t predicting it to happen in mass over the next ten years.

This is also one of the jobs that require less formal schooling than others while also paying quite well. If you like having time on your own and being on the open road, then becoming a tractor-trailer truck driver is a good gig for you to consider.

Exercise Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors

Current Number Employed: 310k

Growth Expected: 121k

Median Annual Salary: $110,140

Typical Degree Required: Bachelor’s

While this job barely made our cut-off for the $40k per year salary, it also has many other advantages. Flexibility in schedule and living a healthy lifestyle are just a couple of the ancillary benefits of this type of career.

You would expect to work in a gym or other fitness studio for this job and help train individuals or groups of people, such as with yoga or Pilates. One thing to watch out for is the turnover rate for trainers and fitness instructors can be extremely high. We’re talking 80-90% every year, according to some industry insiders.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you will be one within that statistic, but it does mean many people don’t last in this profession. Make sure it’s something you’re truly interested in doing for the long haul before making the investment to get certified.

Maintenance and Repair Workers

Current Number Employed: 1.4m

Growth Expected: 117k

Median Annual Salary: $110,140

Typical Degree Required: Bachelor’s

If you’re someone who doesn’t like the idea of college, then give this job some serious consideration. All you need is a high school diploma, and the rest you can learn while on the job making money.

Manufacturing and other facilities across the country are in constant need of maintenance and repair work. That need will only grow in the future, and finding those with the appropriate skills is getting harder. That means you’ll have lots of job opportunities and also plenty of job security.

Nurse Practitioners

Current Number Employed: 220k

Growth Expected: 114k

Median Annual Salary: $110,140

Typical Degree Required: Bachelor’s

While it takes some time in school to get to this level of nursing, it’s well worth the work. The median wage for nurse practitioners is solidly in the six figures, meaning plenty earn well over $100k and into the $200k range.

Not only is the earnings potential there, but so is the demand due to the increasing medical needs of our population. And while it may take some time to get there, you’ll have a lot more responsibility and autonomy in the workplace as a nurse practitioner.

If you enjoy helping people and want to work in the medical arena, this is a great career to consider.

Elementary School Teachers

Current Number Employed:

Growth Expected:

Median Annual Salary: $110,140

Typical Degree Required: Bachelor’s

Do you love helping kids? Then you’ll be happy to know that elementary school teachers are one of the most in-demand jobs of the future. There’s already a considerable number of teachers, but we’ll need quite a few more as our population grows.

That doesn’t even take into account the number of baby boomer teachers that will be exiting the job market in the coming years. That leaves a very high need that will exist for elementary school teachers in the next ten years.

It also comes with a respectable median wage, and many teachers also enjoy outstanding benefits packages for their entire families.

The Bottom Line

When considering a new job, it’s always a good idea to think about if it will have high future demand. That’s not to say this should be the only reason you consider a profession. There are plenty of jobs out there with lower growth rates, or even some with declining rates, that might be the right fit for you.

There are thousands of jobs with varying degrees of demand over the next decade. At the end of the day, you need to figure out what you love doing and weigh the cost-benefit of getting the necessary degree. These are just a few of the careers with a positive outlook in the long term.


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