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My Perfect Resume

At a Glance

My Perfect resume builder has everything you would expect from an online resume builder.  With some of the best pricing, and features compared with its competitors, this is our top rated resume builder.

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Company Facts

  • Easy-to-use design interface with multiple color schemes
  • Pre-written bullets to streamline resume creation
  • Large template gallery for all job needs
  • Export to PDF, MS Word, or Text

my Perfect resume Prices

Prices at my Perfect resume are in line with other resume builders in the industry if not better, considering what you get.   The lowest cost version of their software is accessible for just $2.95. That gives you a 14-day trial, and you can cancel at any time within this window.

Once you get beyond the trial period, your monthly cost goes up quite a bit to $24.95 per month. For that reason, make sure you know what you’re paying for, and get any cancellations done before the deadline. That was the most significant point of contention when looking at online reviews, but my Perfect resume does make these timelines clear throughout the check out process.


14-Day Full AccessMonthly/Annual Access
Free TrialYesYes
Price$2.95/14 Days$5.95/month - billed annually at $71.40
# of ResumesUnlimitedUnlimited
Downloading (PDF, MS Word, Text)IncludedIncluded

my Perfect Resume Features

Job Search

A few resume builders have the value-added feature of offering job search functionality. My Perfect Resume is one of those, which adds to the draw of their product over many competitors. The jobs they show you become personalized as you begin to add job experience and skills to your resume.  You can also opt to receive text alerts when relevant jobs are added.

my Perfect resume job search

The jobs listed don’t represent all available opportunities or job search sites, but it’s a good starting point. It also is a great way to see where some gaps may be in your resume relative to the experience these companies are looking for in the job search engine.


My Perfect Resume has one of the better selections of templates among the products we reviewed.  At last count, there are 27 unique templates to choose from, including both traditional and contemporary solutions.

You may find this valuable as you begin your job search since different industries have different standards for look and feel.  If you’re going into the advertising/marketing area, you may want something more creative.  Business management jobs, on the other hand, may demand something more traditional.


The design elements of my Perfect resume are simple and easy to use. As long as you are comfortable with the basics on any computer, you will be able to use this tool to create your resume.

My Perfect Resume Design

One of the most useful design tools is my Perfect resumes pre-written bullet points. These bullets are available as you walk through each section of the resume. Just search by any job type, and you will see a list of potential bullets that may apply to those types of positions. If nothing else, these bullets serve as good idea generators for experiences you may want to share on your resume.

At any point in the process of creating your resume, you have the option to change the template. You can also opt to change the general formatting between small, medium, and large, along with the overall color scheme.

Import & Export

If you have an existing resume, a great feature offered by my Perfect resume is the ability to import and reformat. This way you don’t have to start from scratch, which can be daunting to some who’ve spent time creating their resume.

Once you’ve completed entering your information into my Perfect resume, you’ll be shown the different plans available for purchase. As you can see above, the plan selection is simple, and both include all forms of downloading. That includes downloading to PDF, MS Word, or text file.

My Perfect Resume Plans

Additional Features

Along with the standard resume builder functionality, my Perfect resume also has a Cover Letter Builder and Resume Check that comes with all of its plans. The cover letter is essential to most resumes these days, so this is an excellent time saver.

The resume check is even more critical as it will check your resume for 20 different common mistakes. This is one of those tools that can help ensure your resume doesn’t get tossed for a missed spelling or grammar check.

Support at my Perfect resume

You have multiple support options at my Perfect resume starting with a long list of frequently asked questions and answers. My Perfect resume also provides phone and email support every day of the week.

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my Perfect Resume

Start Resume Now

Start Resume Now
Visual CV

Start Resume Now
$2.95/14 Day Access
$1.95/14 Day Access
Free e-mail and PDF
12/month for MS Word
Download to PDF, MS Word, Text
Download to PDF, MS Word, Text
Download to PDF, MS Word, Text
Great tools with easy-to-use interface
Great tools with easy-to-use interface
Most forward thinking solution, with great sharing capability
Unlimited resumesUnlimited resumesUnlimited resumes
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The Bottom Line

If you are looking to create or upgrade your resume, my Perfect Resume is one of the best solutions you will find.  It gives you both the ability to import an existing resume, and export in multiple formats for every situation.

They also have one of the most simplistic resume builders when it comes to design, combined with a good number of templates and color options. Tack on the ability to use pre-written bullets, and you have as much functionality with my Perfect resume as you will find in most builders.

Finally, you may appreciate the built-in job search functionality that gives you some quick leads on new positions in your field. 

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