8 Qualities of a Good Nurse. Do You Have the Right Traits?

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Qualities of a Good Nurse

It’s not easy to become a nurse. Not only do you have to go through years of schooling, but you should also be prepared for a fast paced and challenging work environment. You’ll be working with people who have a variety of different needs on a daily basis. Because of these unique requirements, there are certain qualities of a good nurse you should keep in mind.

You have to be compassionate, caring, and capable of dealing with difficult situations patients may find themselves in. This is why it’s so important to know early on if you have the right qualities.

So, if you have ever wondered what traits make up a great nurse we’ve created a list of some of the characteristics that will help if you move forward with a nursing career.

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A nurse needs to be compassionate. A good nurse always has a kind word and an understanding heart for their patients. They empathize with them, caring about what they are feeling. Compassionate nurses see the human being before the disease or injury that brought them there and treat everyone as they would want to be treated themselves.


Nurses need to show empathy so that it is clear to patients that they care about their well-being and can offer hope during difficult times of illness or injury. For many people, nurses are a main point of contact during an illness or injury. They need to put themselves in their patients shoes which can help them better treat patients.

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The qualities and traits of a good nurse are many. But one quality that is vital to all nurses — no matter what type of nursing they practice — is resilience.

Nurses need to be resilient because they deal with pain, suffering, and sometimes heartache on a regular basis. They work in the trenches, on the frontlines where they can be confronted with situations many people can’t deal with. It’s during these moments that nurses can have their biggest impact for patients. But not everyone is cut out for these types of situations, so make sure you have the right personality before deciding to become a nurse.

Honest and trustworthy

Nurses are expected to be honest and trustworthy. They are entrusted with making important decisions about patient care and doing what’s best for them regardless of the situation.

Nurses are also dealing with family members and other people within the circle of each patient. Those people need to be comfortable that nurses in their facility are making the best decision possible for their loved ones.

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Nurses are often required to work in teams. This can be difficult, because nurses have different personalities and styles. For example, one nurse may be more social while another is introverted. How do they work together? The key is for the team members to know their roles and put in the effort to get along with each other.

One way that nurses can increase their chances of working well as a team is by identifying what makes them unique or how they contribute differently from others on the team. It’s also important for everyone to be open-minded about how others are doing things differently too. Once you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, it will help you when interacting with fellow teammates who might not share those qualities or traits with you.


Nurses are often required to work in difficult conditions, so it is important for them to have a positive attitude. There are many qualities that people associate with being a good nurse, but one of the most significant is being able to maintain a positive attitude even when things get tough.

A negative nurse can affect patient outcomes and increase stress levels among other nurses. It’s not always easy to stay positive all the time, but there are ways that nurses can do this by finding meaning in their jobs or by sharing what they accomplish with others.

Nurses should also take care of themselves outside of work by exercising regularly, eating well, and getting enough sleep because these habits will help them maintain positivity throughout the day.

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Strong Work Ethic

Nurses need to work hard for their patients, and that takes a lot of discipline. Nurses are constantly on the go, ensuring the needs of every patient they come across are met. They don’t just hand out medicine or give hugs; nurses often must fill in as social workers, counselors, and sometimes even therapists.

That’s why it’s so important for them to maintain a strong work ethic. Without one, they can’t be effective at their job which would lead to more stress than necessary on both themselves and those around them.

Good Listener

Nurses are people who heal. It is their duty to help those in need, and that includes listening to them. A good nurse should be a good listener because it can greatly help calm their patients to know someone understands their concerns.

Listeninig to patients carefully can also help identify when a patient is struggling mentally and needs support.


Nurses are the most influential people in a hospital setting. They have to be able to respond quickly but also remain calm and collected. These qualities make them valuable employees of hospitals and other medical facilities across America.

Nurses need empathy and listening skills- traits that set them apart from other professions who might not experience these same levels of stress on a daily basis.

Being an effective nurse means having certain characteristics that others don’t possess, so it’s essential you understand what makes this profession unique if you want to succeed! If you’re thinking about becoming a nurse, then it’s worth while thinking about some of these qualities and whether you have them.

Not all of these are an absolute requirement, but they will certainly make help to ensure that being a nurse is a fulfilling job.


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