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At a Glance

Resume Genius finds itself near the top of our list with outstanding template selection and a very easy-to-use interface.  Competitive pricing especially on their annual plan is a great reason to consider Resume Genius.

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Company Facts

  • Simple formatting tools
  • Good template selection
  • Competitive pricing


Prices at Resume Genius are in the middle of the pack overall. Their 14 Day Trial plan is slightly less than some major competitors at $1.95. But that changes on the monthly fee which goes up to $39.95/month after the 14 days.

Their annual plan is a bargain however compared to some at on $95.40/year. If you think you need multiple months of service, you should seriously consider Resume Geniu


14-Day TrialMonthly/Annual Access
Price$1.95/14 Days$7.95/month - billed annually at 95.40
Downloading (PDF, MS Word)UnlimitedUnlimited
Cover Letter BuilderIncludedIncluded


Cover Letter Builder

If you’re serious about landing a job you will need a cover letter. Resume makes that task easy by offering a built in cover letter builder.


Resume Genius offers a competitive number of templates to choose from. With approximately 20 templates you can find something for almost any need. If you are applying to jobs across industries you should be able to find something for almost industry vertical.


The design elements of are largely relegated to the different templates. That’s pretty standard, and frankly you don’t want to mess with the templates too much. They’ve already done the work, so just go with it.

Otherwise their tools for developing the resume are as straight forward as you can get. Simply go through each section of the resume using their easy-to-use tools.


They give you the ability to export in the two most important formats of Microsoft Word and PDF. Some other products also have a text option, which we’ve always viewed as fairly meaningless.

Additional Features

  • Unlimited Resume Variations
  • Job Articles
  • Resume Critique

Support at my Resume Genius

The most obvious support method offered is chat.  That’s pretty typical these days as it is in our opinion the easiest way to get personalized assistance. That said, if you need phone or email support options those are offered as well. Just look in your account tab and click “Help.”

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Start Resume Now

Start Resume Now
Visual CV

Start Resume Now
$2.95/14 Day Access
$1.95/14 Day Access
Free e-mail and PDF
12/month for MS Word
Download to PDF, MS Word, Text
Download to PDF, MS Word, Text
Download to PDF, MS Word, Text
Great tools with easy-to-use interface
Great tools with easy-to-use interface
Most forward thinking solution, with great sharing capability
Unlimited resumesUnlimited resumesUnlimited resumes
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