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Resume-Now is one of the most popular resume builders on the market. It has all the key features that make a great resume builder along with competitive pricing.

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Company Facts

  • Simple formatting tools
  • Pre-written bullets to streamline resume creation
  • Create a cover letter
  • Multiple samples to help guide you

Resume-Now Prices

Prices at Resume-now are similar to other major resume builders on the market.   Get 14-Day Limited Access in Microsoft Word or PDF for $2.45 and 14-Day Full Access for $2.85. You can also pay $125.40 up front and get access for a year.

Keep in mind the first two plans auto-renew at the price of $24.85 after the initial 14 days. You can cancel at anytime.


14-Day Limited Access14-Day Full AccessMonthly/Annual Access
Price$2.45/14 Days$2.95/14 Days$5.95/month - billed annually at $71.40
Free Mobile AppIncludedIncludedIncluded
Downloading (PDF, MS Word, Text)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Cover Letter BuilderIncludedIncludedIncluded
Resume CheckNot IncludedIncludedIncluded

Resume-Now Features

Job Search

Resume-Now is another resume builder that offers the ability to search for jobs that match your experience. Not all resume builders have this capability, making it a differentiator for Resume-Now.

As with any job search site, you  won’t see every job opportunity, so it’s a good idea to look at other search sites as well.


Resume-Now has a great set of professionally designed templates. With more than 15 templates and multiple design options for each, you’ll be able to find the right fit for almost any job search.

Having a good template selection is key for any resume builder since you need versatility depending on the industry.


Resume-Now walks you through each section of the resume. Their design tools are extremely simple to use, and allow for people with almost any skill level.

As with most of our favorite resume builders, Resume-Now has pre-written bullets for the skills and experience sections. This feature is very helpful for people who don’t often write or update their resume. It’s also beneficial for people looking for a new career and aren’t as familiar with an industry.

Even if you don’t find the exact descriptions, this feature helps to get ideas of what things you may want to write.


Exporting your resume after completion is easy to do in multiple formats. Resume-Now allows for the a download into PDF, Microsoft Word, or Text format. These formats should give almost anyone the needed flexibility export and printing of their resume.

Additional Features

A Cover Letter Builder is available for all paid plans, and a Resume Check feature is on all plans but the 14-Day Limited access. You’ll want to use both of these features to ensure your resume looks polished before downloading.

Support at my Resume-Now

Support at Resume-Now is excellent with multiple ways of contacting them. You can call, chat, or email them with questions which is better than most resume builder support systems. Many offer only email or chat support which gives Resume-Now a leg up in this category.

They also have a robust set of Frequently Asked Questions that can help fix many issues before you even need a contact point.

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Start Resume Now

Start Resume Now
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Start Resume Now
$2.95/14 Day Access
$1.95/14 Day Access
Free e-mail and PDF
12/month for MS Word
Download to PDF, MS Word, Text
Download to PDF, MS Word, Text
Download to PDF, MS Word, Text
Great tools with easy-to-use interface
Great tools with easy-to-use interface
Most forward thinking solution, with great sharing capability
Unlimited resumesUnlimited resumesUnlimited resumes
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The Bottom Line

Resume-Now has all the necessary features to compete as one of the better resume builders on the market. From top notch functionality, to robust support options, you can’t go wrong with this software.

Resume-Now also stands out among its competitors by providing job search capability based on your resume. Pre-written bullet point recommendations also adds significant ease-of-use for those new to resume writing.

As with most products in this category you have the option for a short trial period followed by a monthly or annual billing cycle. Make sure you cancel in if you no longer need the service.

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