The Best Retirement States

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One of the biggest decisions you may face in retirement is whether you will be staying put, or picking up stakes and moving to another location.  Maybe you’ve even decided you want sun all year round, and are going for the snowbird lifestyle.  Regardless, if you are thinking about making a change here are some best retirement states to think about.

Analyzing The Best Retirement States

In order to come up with our list, we’ve taken into account a few factors we think are important to people in retirement.  Our first factor is cost of living which includes things like home and rental pricing, cost of utilities, and what you might have to spend on groceries.  Believe it or not, the swing in cost of living can be extreme, and since many people are on a fixed budget in retirement, finding a state with a good of cost of living can be important in stretching those retirement dollars.

Next is the cost of healthcare.  This is a huge factor in most people lives regardless of what age, but can be extremely important as you move into retirement years.  And not only is the cost important, but the access to healthcare is equally important, as most people will no doubt need a higher level of care during retirement.  Finding states that meet these requirements can go a long way to enhancing quality of life during retirement.  Check out our article on How Medical Costs Will Effect Retirement.

Last we’ve analyzed overall quality of life factors such as average weather patterns, crime rates, and access to activities friendly to those over fifty.  At the end of the day, if you can strike a great balance between cost, healthcare, and activities you love to do, then you have at least put yourself in a good location for a happy retirement.


Best Retirement States - Florida
Bigstock Photo – Orlando, Florida, USA, downtown city skyline from Eola Park.

It should come as no surprise that Florida is one of the best retirement states in the US.  No doubt the humidity and temperatures in the summer months can be a bear, but if you are considering a snow bird situation, or just flat out love hot weather, Florida should be on your list.

Because of the very high number of retirees in Florida, there a multiple communities that cater to this demographic, and provide some of the most active living communities you’ll find.  The Villages is probably the biggest of these communities, so take a look to see the vast number of homes and activities available.  It is however just one of the many communities in Florida that help make it one of the top retirement destinations.

Because of the large number of retirees in Florida, there is also a huge demand for healthcare services.  As you might expect that draws a good number of doctors to the area, meaning that it is also a good place to be in the event you have ongoing medical needs to address.

Last, but not least, Florida is an affordable state to retire in.  Home prices in most communities are middle of the road, and other cost of living factors are generally reasonable for a place that has pleasant weather most of the year.


Best Retirement States - Colorado
Bigstock photo – Mountain Landscape in Colorado Rocky Mountains, Colorado, United States.

Colorado has been a booming place for people of all kinds for many years now.  With some of the most picturesque views to be found, along with great temperatures and plenty of sunshine, you will rarely find people in Colorado complaining about their home.

Beware that Colorado is not the most affordable of states on our list, but if you are an outdoor lover this is one of the best places in the country.  You will find biking, hiking, and both summer and winter sports in abundance in Colorado, making its quality of living score quite high.

Add on the fact that Colorado has a great healthcare system, and you can see why they have made it to the number two spot on our list of best retirement states.


Best Retirement States - Arizona
Big Stock Photo –
Phoenix Arizona with its downtown lit by the last rays of sun at the dusk.

Another state with plenty of sunshine which should be especially attractive to those that like a dry, arid climate.  If you end up retiring in Arizona, you certainly won’t be alone as it is home to a very large population of people over the age of 60.  Because of this demographic, you will find a large number of communities and activities geared towards the retiree population.

Arizona is also a relatively affordable place to live, with excellent access to healthcare.  And if it’s the summer heat you’re worried about, you’ll be surprised that there are actually some nice getaways such as Flagstaff, AZ that can give you a decent escape during particularly warm spells.

South Carolina


Best Retirement States - Georgia
Bigstock Photo – Atlanta, Georgia, USA downtown skyline.

Another warm southern State that is ideal for the snow bird, or someone who can tolerate above average temps in the summer months.  Georgia has many things to offer from great golf courses, and lakes, to some of the most interesting cities in the country like Atlanta and Savannah.

Given that both the overall cost of living and the cost of healthcare in Georgia is quite low, this is a particularly attractive retirement spot for those looking to maximize their funds in retirement.


Best Retirement States - Wyoming
Bigstock Photo – Bird swimming in the Snake River as the sun sets over Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming

If cost is one of your larger factors, and you also happen to love natural beauty, then you should seriously consider taking a tour of Wyoming.  While this is definitely not the state that jumps into most peoples mind when considering retirement, it is one of the states with the best cost of living which puts it near the top of our best retirement states.

You do need to watch that you don’t get too far off the beaten path to ensure you have the right access to medical care.  However, if you stick close enough to a decent size city, you should do just fine.  The beauty of a place like Wyoming, is you don’t have to venture too far from civilization to find some of the most beautiful views in the country.




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