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If we live long enough, at some point all of us will get to an age where we are purchasing some type of medical product on a regular basis.  Finding ways to save money on medical supplies can be a huge help managing monthly budgets, and allowing you to have more expendable money for things you enjoy doing in retirement.

As life expectancy continues to increase in the United States, that means more time for some chronic conditions to catch up with us.  Whether it is diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, or maybe just general aches and pains, the good news is that the medical field has something to help almost everyone.  Taking the time to find the right provider of supplies, and not necessarily making your purchases from the first company you come across can be a big help.

Buy Online

This can be a tough one for some people because medical supplies are the type of product you sometimes want to see and feel before purchasing.  Even for those that are not comfortable we would highly recommend giving this option a chance.  Even if you try a few suppliers and products, with the potential of having to complete a return here or there, this really can save you a lot of money on medical supply costs that hit you every month.

The fact of the matter is your local pharmacy is likely to charge more money for much of what you need simply because of the high overhead costs of having a physical facility.  Online shops do not have anywhere near the overhead costs, and most of the time you will see this translate into lower prices on products.

Buy Off Brand

In today’s world, brand names are sometimes a better quality product, but that’s not always the case.  Many large and small companies have found ways to either produce, or private label their own products to compete with big boys, and the quality gap has be closing in most product categories.  This provides a great opportunity to save money on medical supplies.

With many of the favorite brand name companies now turning to China and other developing countries for their medical supply production, it’s easier for off brand companies to purchase from the same suppliers, and simply put another name on the labels.  This is especially the case for products that are simplistic in nature, and are not still protected by a patent.

Negotiate bulk pricing

Just like corporations negotiate bulk pricing, so can you, and sometimes it is just a matter of asking.  Every company on the planet will be happy to take full price if not pushed to do better, but the reality is there is a ton of competition out in the medical supply world, and companies want your business.  If they think you will be a returning customer for years to come, most will offer some type of bulk discount, or a discount for medical supplies purchased on a regular interval.

Get a coupon (Groupon)

If you are a seasoned deal hunter, then it’s a no brainer to do an online search for a coupon that any particular company might be offering.  A couple good sites that offer coupons for various medical supply related companies are retailmenot.com and Groupon.  With more and more online deal sites popping up, finding coupons to help save money on medical supplies is fairly easy.

Join the AARP

Last but not least, consider what you may be able to save by joining a group like the AARP.  Organizations that have large memberships are able to bargain for lower prices for their members, even with big name brands that an individual would not be able to do.

If you check out the AARP website under their Health Products category you will see that they have discounts arranged with a number of different companies, including Walgreens, LensCrafters, and many more.


There are many ways to save money on medical supplies, but you need to open minded to trying new things.  If you are someone that is simply stuck on the same company and/or brand name you’ve always used, then it can be tough.  If that’s the case, it never hurts to try to introduce some competition to your existing company in hopes they will lower their price to keep your business.

The best way you have of saving money in today’s world is being open to new ways of shopping, and realizing that traditional companies are not the only way to find your products.  Look for off label brands at companies who operate online with a lower overhead cost, and you are likely to find large cost savings, especially for recurring medical supply needs.



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Herta Keets
5 years ago

Very good blog, thank you very much for your time in writing this post.

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