Best Email Marketing Services 2021

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Top Picks for Email Marketing Services

In 2021 email marketing continues to be the king of conversions when it comes to online marketing tools. That makes finding the best email marketing services absolutely critical in this increasingly competitive space.

For those new to marketing, you might think email is old school when compared with things like social media or search engine marketing.

But in reality, it is still one of the most successful marketing forms we have today. The ROI of email marketing is consistently higher than most other types of marketing.

Given this fact, any serious business owner should be looking at ways to utilize email.

Email is something most Americans check daily, along with their social media and other online communications.  Not only does this create a direct sales channel for you, but it also allows you to have a continuous conversation with your customers.  Which in turn creates customer loyalty and more sales in the long run.  

Let’s look at the best email services out there for businesses today.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact Homepage

This is one of the oldest and most successful businesses in the space. Constant Contact is also known for being extremely easy to use, which is very important for many business owners without technical expertise.


As with most good email marketing services, Constant Contact allows you to track and report different statistics in each of your email campaigns.

They also have a library of templates and images that can be used to create good-looking campaigns easily. You can easily upload contact lists, personalized emails and automatically send emails at the right time. This greatly simplifies a process that is otherwise quite complicated.  Designing good-looking and effective emails is very difficult.

Constant Contact also offers advanced features such as automated emails, surveys, and polls, the ability to collect donations, offer coupons, and run events when you sign up for what they call email plus.

Design services

Constant Contact also offers design services to customize email templates. You can work directly with design experts to help you set up specific campaigns and emails if you need special designs.

They also offer a broader integrated and professional marketing service that goes beyond emails. These professionals can help with your email strategy and monitor your traffic and analytics, website design, social media, and other things to help generate traffic to your site.


Constant Contact has one of the most extensive marketplaces with integration partners. Integrate with the most popular CMS systems, including word press, Joomla!, and Drupal. Also, with the most popular e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Big Commerce, and more. Because of its time in the industry, constant contact truly has integrations for most business systems today.


When evaluating any business, support should be a key component. Constant Contact is known for having great support. They have a live chat, phone calls, email, and both large online library resources as well as community support that you can access online.


  • Design services for custom email
  • Easy tracking and reporting
  • Large marketplace for integrations
  • Great customer support


Constant Contact has two different pricing plans depending on the size of your organization.

If you are just starting, then the standard Email plan is right for you starting at $20/month. If you’re a growing business with a larger email list, consider the Email Plus plan at $45/month.

Both plans come with unlimited sending of emails, app integrations, customizable templates, and a handful of other critical features.

By upgrading to Email Plus, you will get access to Ecommerce Segmentation, Polls, Coupons, Online Donation, and a couple of other more advanced features.


GetResponse Homepage


GetResponse is another well-established player in the email service industry. 

Not only do they offer email marketing, but also useful tools like landing pages, marketing automation, webinars, and CRM.  You have the ability to set up a campaign with templates provided by GetResponse, or using HTML.

GetResponse offers a good amount of ability when it comes to automation.  You can create a workflow using a drag-and-drop creator and track behavior in real-time.

You also have the ability to create landing pages with GetResponse.  Landing pages are an important aspect of converting visitors into customers.  These landing pages are already designed responsively, so they are ready to go for mobile users.

If you are truly an expert in your field, then offering webinars is another useful feature.  This is a great way to continue a relationship with an existing customer and start a relationship with a new one.

GetResponse also offers CRM with the ability to track lead scoring, tags, statuses, and stages.  This allows you to manage your relationship with each customer closely and plan your messaging appropriately.

Also, they offer multiple eCommerce-specific tools, along with forms and surveys, to assist with growing your list.


As is the norm with the best email marketing services, they have many integrations to offer.  They offer over 125 integrations that cover almost all of the most popular eCommerce and CRM platforms.  To name a few, they have Shopify, Zencart, WooCommerce, Magento, Salesforce, Drupal, and Joomla.


GetResponse has a large amount of online help material accessible at their Help Center.  They also offer support via email and 24/7 live chat.


  • Tools like landing pages and marketing automation
  • Large library of integrations
  • Online help, chat, and email support capabilities



GetResponse everything from a beginner package starting at $15/month to customized packages required a quote.

In other words, they can handle just about any need with price points for most businesses.

If all you need is basic email marketing, as with most startup businesses, the starter package will work just fine.

If you need more automation, are interested in webinars, need sales funnels and other advanced functions, consider a higher-end plan. 

The Plus and Professional Plan are $49 and $99 per month, respectively.


Drip Homepage

Drip is what they call an ECRM, which stands for e-commerce customer relationship management platform. The company focuses a lot on e-commerce companies and their challenges when competing with companies like Amazon.


As with other email services, drip offers easy-to-use email builders, including a text builder and individual email builder. They also allow for automation, multi-channel marketing, email campaigns, and one-off-emails.

They also offer you the ability to customize content for different users. In today’s world, customized content is essential since each user is looking for different information.  Having this customization can help you make sales.

Drip also helps with tracking by using a website tracking code that gives you more meaningful information about your customers. Along with this comes purchase intent marketing which helps you to drive higher engagement with your customers.


They also offer several different integrations, simple migrations, and an API that allows you to pull in data and send it out to other tools. Some of their integrations include Shopify, Magenta,  Big Commerce, authorize.net, Eventbrite, and many, many more.


Drip also offers various support options, including an online knowledge base, Facebook community, live chat, and other online resources.


  • Focused on eCommerce businesses
  • A large number of integrations
  • Dynamic pricing


Drip’s pricing scheme is straightforward yet dynamic. You start with an initial plan allowing up to 1,500 contacts for $19/month.

From there, the pricing page allows you to enter how many contacts you have. The pricing then updates dynamically based on that number.


Sendinblue Homepage

Sendinblue is a newer player compared to the other companies that made the top 5 list this year.  That said, they are consistently ranked among the best companies in this space by multiple tech review platforms.  They are known for their ease of use and having a good free plan option.  Many of the advanced options do require an upgrade to a paid plan.  Sendinblue is a perfect option for beginning-level marketers.


Sendinblue uses a simple drag and drop editor, which eliminates the need for technical skills.  You will have access to their free template gallery and be able to personalize emails to all your customers.  They also have easy to create forms that allow you to collect contact information from visitors to your site.

As with other services mentioned here, they allow you to segment your customer contacts and create custom contact fields that aid in this process.

Sendinblue also has email automation that allows you to send multiple emails to new customers over time.  This helps create a conversation with a prospective customer and increases the odds of making a sale.

Also, you can schedule emails and then monitor all the relevant metrics to see your campaigns’ success.


Sendinblue covers many different integrations with various systems, including CRM, CMS, and website builders.  These include Magento, Salesforce, WordPress, Drupal, WooCommerce, Shopify, and many others.  


Sendinblue has multiple support options, including online help and tutorials.  You can also create an online ticket if you don’t find what you need with online resources.   And as a last resort, you can call a toll-free number for additional support.


  • Good free plan and easy-to-use interface
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • A good number of integrations
  • Multiple support options


You have four different pricing options with Drip. First, they offer a solid free plan allowing up to 300 emails per day.

From there, you have a Lite, Premium, and Enterprise plan that all allow more advanced options. You will get upgraded email capabilities like A/B testing, advanced statistics, and removal of the Sendinblue logo with the Lite plan.

Premium gives you more advanced marketing tools like landing pages, Facebook ads, and automation. 

Finally, enterprise beefs up your capability by allowing more of everything and allowing more customization.


Mailchimp Homepage


This is another one of the most utilized email marketing services in the country.  It has an easy-to-use interface with many different capabilities.

It also comes with a gallery of templates that make it easy to build many different email styles. You can send test emails and set up your emails to go out to your customers in advance, even based on time zone.

One of the most important features to some MailChimp users is sending emails for free up to 2000 email users and/or 12,000 emails.  That makes it a good choice for companies who may not anticipate having an extensive list.  Keep in mind you will need to leave some MailChimp branding on your emails to use the free features.


MailChimp also offers many different integrations with other systems. These integrations include Salesforce, Shopify, Square, Big Commerce, and many other popular systems.


MailChimp offers various ways to get support. You can reach them via email and live chat, or like most large companies these days via online resources and tutorials.


  • Large gallery of templates for easy creation of emails
  • Free emails up to 2,000 users or 12,000 emails/month
  • Great library of integrations
  • Multiple marketing tools


Mailchimp has one of the best free plans you will find. You can have up to 2,000 contacts for free.

From there, you have Essentials for $9.99/month, Standard for $14.99/month, and Premium, which jumps all the way to $299/month.

With Essentials, you get all the necessary tools to do advanced email marketing. Upgrade to Standard for more advanced targeting, dynamic targeting, and more.


ConvertKit Homepage


ConverKit is often looked at as a tool for bloggers, publishers, and marketers. It is also known for its ease of use and ability to provide high-quality email designs.

ConverKit allows you to embed customizable forms into your website easily. These forms are another good way to help convert random visitors into customers. ConvertKit also provides reporting about your subscribers and other conversions.

Like many other email services, ConverKit provides the ability to automate your workflow based on custom rules. Organize your subscribers based on tags and segments for easy list management.


Like the other systems on this list, ConverKit has many integrations depending on the tools you use. These integrations include Stripe, Wix.com, WooCommerce, and WordPress, to name a few.


ConverKit provides multiple forms of support. These include articles and guides, online tickets, and workshops to help learn the basics. They also offer concierge migration service plans for accounts that have 5000 subscribers or more. With this service, they will migrate your list from a previous provider at no additional cost.


  • Easily embed forms into your website
  • Automate workflow based on rules
  • Extensive integration library


Convertkit is another email marketing service that offers a good free plan. You can have up to 1,000 contacts on the free plan.

From there, you have the Creator and Creator Pro plan. They both give you more advanced functionality, and the price dynamically changes based on the number of contacts.

Creator starts at $29/month, and Creator Pro starts at $59/month.


AWeber Homepage


AWeber has been around for a long time, and is another one of the more popular email marketing services. Similar to the other major email service companies AWeber allows for an easy design of newsletters and other email templates.

They have a good library of email templates to use out-of-the-box. And they also have drag-and-drop functionality to make designing your emails even easier. Combined with other features like email automation, tagging, and split testing, AWeber has everything you need to create beautifully designed emails.


Integrations are another important part of this platform. You can integrate AWeber with most of the major content management systems in the market today. These include WordPress, Salesforce, Big Commerce, Shopify, and many more.


AWeber provides above average support. This support includes live phone support which is available 8 AM to 8 PM ET Monday through Friday. They also have email, live chat, and a host of other online support tools for all your needs.


  • Large library of email templates
  • Good integrations library
  • Excellent support options


AWeber pricing is straightforward with only a free and a Pro option.

The free plan allows you up to 500 contacts, while the Pro plan changes based on the number of contacts.

Because the Pro plan gives you access to all of their advanced functionality, if you have a small number of contacts, this is a great option. Frankly, until you get over 10,000 users, this is one of the better-priced options for the amount of functionality.

What is an Email Marketing Service

You might be thinking this one is a no-brainer. The obvious answer is that an email marketing service is a company or software that facilitates sending emails out to a list of contacts.

Ten years ago, you’d more or less be correct in that answer. But today, the best email marketing services look more like full-fledged CRM systems. That’s because they compete with some of the best CRM’s out there, like HubSpot, which many people view as a CRM but absolutely can handle email marketing.

The difference is that a true CRM has far more workflows to help manage a sales team than most focused email marketing software solutions.

Today’s email marketing software is delivering all sorts of products, including marketing forms, customer segmentation, behavioral targeting, marketing automation, dynamic content, and analytics to help understand your customers.

Free vs. Paid Services

The difference in most cases comes down to the features and number of contacts allowed. Almost all of the services on this list have a free version that will do just fine for small companies.

When your business gets to the point of wanting its own branding and has grown to a certain level, it’s worthwhile to upgrade to paid versions of these tools.

The paid versions often have features you may want even before a contact list gets too big. Things like A/B testing, customer segmentation, and automation can really help supercharge your email campaigns. But that’s only if you take the time to understand and use these tools in the right way. If that’s the case for your business, then consider a paid version over free.

The Bottom Line

Email marketing has stood up to the test of time as one of the best ways to engage customers and make sales. That makes your email marketing service one of the more important software selections you make.

The good news is because email has been around so long, there is no shortage of options. Every email service on this list is capable of helping you achieve your goals.

Take the tools these companies deliver and start learning how to grow your email list today more effectively. Whether it delivers better relationships with existing customers, or helps close deals with new ones, it’s critical you use this marketing tool in business today.

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