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Data analysis has become the norm for many different industries. A data analyst is a person who can bring order to chaos, and help businesses make better decisions.

But what are the requirements for becoming a data analyst? And how much does this career pay? What skills do you need to have? This article will answer these questions and more!

What Does a Data Analyst Do?

A data analyst is a professional who uses statistical analysis and other mathematical techniques to investigate patterns in data.

The goal of this process is often to determine which variables might be causing certain outcomes, such as whether or not people are likely to buy a product based on what they see when they visit the company’s website.

Data analysts typically work with large amounts of data that can be collected through surveys, interviews, online sources, social media posts or even financial records.

A typical day for a data analyst will consist of looking at all of the information gathered from various sources before deciding how it should be analyzed and used by the business.

It may include gathering more information about particular areas that seem interesting or significant before making final conclusions about what has been found so far.

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