Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

What does a Licensed Practice Nurse do?

A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) works with Doctors and Registered Nurses to complete certain tasks. Those can include taking patient vitals, giving medications, taking samples, and many more. The duties of an LPN can sometimes overlap those of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) but and LPN is more highly trained and are qualified to provide more care. An LPN may also oversee CNA’s in some cases.

What is the Salary?

Salary Estimates

Median Salary


The median salary for a Licensed Practice Nurse (LPN) is well above the national median wage which is great considering programs typically take about 12 months to complete. In competitive markets, LPN’s salary can grow to over $70,000.

Work Environment

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Employment 2028






LPN’s work environment can vary, but most often will work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and outpatient facilities. They report to the doctors and nurses within these facilities and take on different patient care responsibilities.

What Education and Experience is Needed?

Education Level

Postsecondary nondegree award

Related work experience


On-the-job training


You will find Licensed Practical Nurse programs at community colleges, and independent career training schools. It’s important to ensure the program you choose is accredited.

Once completing your LPN program, you will need to take the NCLEX exam in order to get your license and start practicing as an LPN.

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