Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

What Does a Certified Nursing Assistant do?

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) spends most of their time working directly with patients in a number of different ways. It’s often helping these patients with day-to-day activities like taking bath’s, transferring to wheel chairs and other places, and getting meals.

Additionally a CNA can help more recording medical data and taking measurements. Things like blood pressure, weight, and anything else a supervising nurse or doctor may request.

What is the Salary?

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Median Salary


A CNA’s median salary is slightly below the national average, but still good considering the limited amount of schooling needed. If you decide to further your education, there are programs to become an RN which you give you credit for the work you’ve done as a CNA. So becoming a CNA is a good stepping stone to even higher-paying jobs.

Work Environment

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Whereas many types of nurses will be concentrated in hospitals and doctor’s offices, a Certified Nursing Assistant is more commonly found in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. This makes sense because so much of their job is focused on assisting patients who need help with daily activities.

That said, patients in a hospital setting often need similar care. For this reason, you will also see a good number of CNAs in a hospital setting as well.

Other potential work environments include home healthcare companies, adult daycares, and other private or government-run medical facilities.

What Education and Experience is Needed?

Education Level

Postsecondary nondegree award

Related work experience

On-the-job training


One of the main benefits of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is the relative ease of entry. You can complete a CNA program in less than a year, and get working quickly.

CNA’s take the CNA certification exam is, and once passed become eligible for licensure.

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