Programming for Data Science with Python

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This Udacity Python course is ideal for students looking for a career in data science and are looking to learn fundamentals. This is a Nanodegree program that will cover Python, SQL, command line, and git. The program is run in collaboration with MODE and is expected to take 3 months to complete.

Course Details

What You Will Learn

In this Udacity python course and nanodegree program, you will learn the basics of coding in Python and SQL which are two key skills in the data science world. By the end of the program, you should be able to effectively use these tools along with
Command Line and Git.

Most user reviews of this course indicate you will be exposed to a lot of material including:

  • Python (In-depth)
  • NumPy
  • DataFrames using Pandas
  • Unix Shell commands
  • Git and how to work with other developers
  • Using code editors
  • Using program output to feed Excel charts
  • Using Excel to make Powerpoint slides

Looking at this list provided by actual students, you will likely get more out of this Python course than the description communicates. Students across the board recommended this course and indicated it goes far beyond many other introductory Python courses.

Prerequisites for the Udactiy Python Course

All you need for this Udacity Python course is basic computer skills for this course including the ability to open files, folders, and applications. You should also be comfortable copying and pasting, but that’s it.


Introduction to SQL – You will learn SQL fundamentals including JOINs, Aggregations, and Subqueries and how to use these skills to solve business problems.

  • Project – Investigate a Database: This section of the course includes a project working with a relational database while working with PostgreSQL. You will complete a data analysis process by asking a question and running SQL queries to solve the problem.

Introduction to Python Programming – Learn the fundamentals of Python including data structures, variables, loops, and functions. You will also learn to work with data using libraries like NumPy and Pandas.

Project – Explore US Bikeshare Data: Using Python you will answer questions about bikeshare trip data. You will write code to create an interactive experience that presents answers to these questions.

Introduction to Version Control – Learn the basics of version control and sharing your work with other developers using tools like Github.

Project – Post Your Work on Github: Get an introduction to working in the terminal and learn to use Git and Github to manage versions and collaborate with other programmers.

Our Take on this Udacity Python Course

After analyzing user reviews and the content of this Nanodegree program, we think it’s one of the best options learning Python. It’s only drawback compared to some other online python courses is the cost, but in our opinion it is relative to the quality. You may find some free python courses out there, but very few are going to come with the quality of content and instruction that Udacity delivers here.

Consider that you are not only getting the courses, but you are also getting real-world project work. That combined with instructors from some of the best companies and universities in the world give this course a leg up. After completing this course we’d expect you to have a real chance at finding an entry-level position within the data science industry.

Also keep in mind this Udacity Python course comes with personal career coaching and other career services to help you land a job after completion.

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Josh Bernard – Data Scientist at Nerd Wallet; Derek Steer – CEO at MODE; Juno Lee – Curriculum Lead at Udacity; Richard Kalehoff – Instructor; Karl Krueger – Command Line Instructor


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