The Best TEAS Prep and Practice Tests

The TEAS is a common test required for entry to nursing schools across the country. Like other standardized tests, you can find a variety of test prep and practice test solutions to help prepare for taking the exam. Let’s compare a few of the top companies in this space.

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Nursing is a hot career these days given the growing number of aging Americans. Regardless of whether you’re just graduating high school, or trying to find a new career later in life, nursing can be an extremely rewarding career if you enjoy helping people. If you are seriously considering nursing school then it’s possible you will need to take the TEAS exam which is a commonly used test for incoming RN and LPN students. In this article we will explore some of the best TEAS test prep and practice test options out there to help prepare for taking the actual exam.

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Compare TEAS Test Prep Companies

Lowest Package Price$39$69.99$80$59$49
Delivery MethodOnlineOnlineOnlineOnlineOnline
On-Demand VideosYesYesYesYesNo
Teaching OptionsSelf-pacedSelf-pacedSelf-pacedSelf-pacedSelf-paced
Practice TestingIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Tutoring OptionNoNoNoNoNo
Length1 month1 month6 weeks1 month1 month
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Best All Around

Nursing.com Logo



  • Large Questions Bank
  • Good detailed explanations
  • Helpful illustrations


  • No classes or in-person teaching

Nursing.com offers test prep and products for all steps leading up to becoming a nurse. That includes TEAS test prep, NCLEX test prep, study help for current students, and even help for graduated students who want a little more education. The company was started by a nurse and is very focused (as you might expect) on the field of nursing which makes it a solid choice.

One of the things that sets Nursing.com apart is their product contains content for both the TEAS and HESI A2 exams. Both exams are potential requirements depending on the school you are looking at. Make sure to identify which tests are necessary for your selected schools and plan accordingly.

This product contains coursework around each of the major sections with the TEAS exam. They also have 500+ practice questions written by trained question writers.

You can take these TEAS practice tests and customizable quizzes from your laptop or via their mobile app.

Another added benefit that comes with Nursing.com is the courses beyond just test prep even for pre-nursing school students. These courses can help potential students get a better understanding of what nursing school will be like, and if the career path is right for them.

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Nursing.com offers one of the better values in the TEAS test prep space. At $39/month for both their Nursing Academy and Review + Qbank plans you get the best of both worlds for a great monthly price. Given that you’ll get course work and practice test assistance, this is a solution you should seriously consider.

HESI/TEAS Review + Qbank
Nursing Academy


Flexible Learning Options

Mometrix Logo



  • Video, audio, and text learning
  • 1,700+ practice questions
  • Offer 525 flashcards
  • Access to Study Guide Information


  • Higher pricing

If you are looking for a full-service solution that includes a study guide, videos, and practice testing, then give Mometrix a look. As one of the leading providers of test prep materials across many subjects, Mometrix also delivers high-quality TEAS test prep solutions.

As opposed to some solutions offering mainly practice questions, Mometrix has 65 lessons, 525 flashcards, over 1,700 practice questions, and more than 150 instructional videos. That’s a lot of material to help you get ready for this test.

Mometrix also does a great job of giving learners a lot of flexibility in consuming the information. Not only do they offer video tutorials, but they also have written and audio versions of their materials. That gives different types of learners the option to study in the most effective way possible.

They also offer the ability to track your progress. Both on their mobile and desktop solutions, you can read lessons, mark them complete, or know where you left off.

Specific to practice tests, Mometrix currently offers 8 TEAS practice tests. That’s a lot of practice you can get through their course, and one of the main reasons we like their prep course so much.

They also make it a risk-free opportunity with a money-back guarantee. Try the service for 1 week, and if it’s not for you, get a refund with no questions asked.


Mometrix has some of the best pricing when considering the amount of material you can access. At just $69.99/month, it’s slightly more expensive than services focused just on practice testing. But if you need additional help, want study guides, videos, and more robust service in general, Mometrix is a great option.

Mometrix University


Practice Questions Only

Kaplan Test Prep Logo


  • Good Qbank with detailed explanations


  • No courses or tutoring


Kaplan is simply one of the best test prep companies out there with a wide range of offerings. It does not offer a full course for the TEAS test and instead focuses only on practice test questions. However, if you are looking for TEAS practice test questions, then Kaplan is a solid option.

They offer access to over 500 test questions to help you get a realistic look at what actual TEAS exams might look like. These questions come with detailed explanations, and you can customize quizzes to be tailored towards certain types of content.

Lastly, you can track your performance to help you understand where you need the most help. This makes study planning much easier and more efficient so you can focus on areas of need.


Kaplan’s pricing for the TEAS prep is based purely on the timeframe you have access to the question bank. Compared to other options, Kaplan is an affordable price which is not always the case with their products. You do forgo the bells and whistles since there are no courses of any kind offered. If all you need is practice test questions, this is a good product.

1 Month
2 Months
3 Months
6 Months


Best High End

ATI Logo

ATI Review


  • Variety of online plans
  • Intimate knowledge of exam
  • Online and printed materials
  • Lessons and practice tests


  • Higher pricing

Given that ATI literally wrote the exam, you’d expect they have some good TEAS test prep material. Because of their intimate knowledge of the exam, they have practice tests and questions that accurately reflect the exam itself.

Because of this exam’s importance to getting into nursing school, ATI recommends at least 6 weeks of preparation. That said, they have solutions for people who need to get prepared in a reduced timeframe.

ATI has several different packages that range from comprehensive studies to those that only include TEAS practice tests. Their most full-service package will include practice tests, study guides, and tutorials to help people who really need significant work to improve scores. Their next tier has everything but the tutorials and is good for those who have recently prepared for the ACT or SAT exam.

Their last package contains only practice assessments and online practice tests that are great if you’re looking for additional practice.

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Regardless of the package, ATI products are slightly more expensive than some other products on the market. That said, you might consider paying this premium to get help from the creators of the test.


Pocket Prep

Best Mobile App

PocketPrep Logo

Pocket Prep


  • Accessible on all devices
  • 2,000 practice questions
  • Progress tracking


  • No classes

When it comes to apps with great TEAS practice test capability, you won’t find much better than Pocket Prep.

With over 2,000 practice questions across each of the exam disciplines, you have access to a huge question bank. You can also choose your practice mode, content areas, and how many questions you’d like to take.

Customizing your practice will help to improve your learning ability.

Detailed explanations accompany each practice question. Not only do they explain the correct answers, but they will help you understand why the distractors are incorrect.

You’ll also have the ability to track your progress. You get access to both detailed exam results and aggregate charts of your practice testing history.

Pocket Prep also brings flexibility to the table in that you can use any device. That means you have ready access to your prep material on both mobile and desktop devices.


Pocket Prep pricing is also extremely affordable. They give you multiple options to pay depending on how long you think you will use the app. At its most basic, you pay by the month for just $14.99. If you want to extend that timeframe, they also have quarterly and annual plans which offer some savings when broken down monthly.


Nurse Hub

Free Practice Test Option


Nurse Hub


  • A large number of practice tests
  • Question bank for each test section
  • Unlimited test attempts


  • No classes

Another great option, especially for TEAS practice test questions in NURSEHUB. They have a free practice test and then five more with their premium option. They give you a total of 1,270 practice questions to study between the practice tests and their general question bank.

Each of these practice tests is accompanied by step-by-step answer explanations and detailed scoring reports. You will also have an unlimited number of testing attempts.


NurseHub is another affordable option at just 49.99 for their ATI TEAS practice test pack. They take any decision-making out of their pricing scheme by offering just one option, but everything is included at this reasonable price.

Practice Test Pack


Best Short Courses

Study.com Logo



  • Short tutorial videos
  • Self-paced learning


  • No classes

Study.com is has a huge amount of online educational content for all types of degrees and prep courses. This includes both HESI and TEAS test prep with plenty of tutorials and practice test questions to help along the way.

They have over 200 short video lessons, 1000 practice questions, and flashcards to make studying on-the-go easier. Study.com gives you the ability to set your own goals and timelines to best prepare for your test.


Study.com pricing falls in the middle range of your options, with it costing $59/month. Assuming you don’t need more than a few weeks of test prep, you should be able to get away with no more than two months of this subscription. Obviously, you need to remember to cancel this one after you have complete your prep. But given the range of products offered by Study.com, it’s a pretty good value.

TEAS Course

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking about going to nursing school, the TEAS is often required for entry. Regardless of the school you choose, if standardized testing is required, you should consider a test prep option to help you get ready.

Many of the top products can show significant increases in the pass rate for first-time test-takers. Passing on the first go-around can significantly reduce the stress you’re under in an already stressful period of applying to school.

To maximize your chances, we recommend using one of the solutions that include coursework and practice tests. But if you’re confident in only needing practice help, you have that option as well.

Regardless, the relatively affordable cost makes TEAS test prep a good investment when looking at the long-term return on investment.

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