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Find community colleges, trades schools, online degrees, and bootcamps that provide high value education in less time than universities.

About edX edX is one of the biggest players in the online learning business and was started as a collaboration between Harvard and MIT. Today you will find thousands of courses taught by some of the leading institutions in the country. edX courses cover a broad…read more
Skillshare is an online learning platform that provides classes in a number of different areas but focuses on creative subjects. Classes like illustration, photography, and web design are examples of what you will find at Skillshare. They also have a number of courses focused on the…read more
About Udacity Nanodegrees The Nanodegree concept is one of the most complete offerings in the online course space adding real skills and value. Because of the heavy focus in the technology space, Udacity nanodegrees aren’t going to be for everyone, but most businesses these days need…read more
Nucamp is a leading technology Bootcamp with programs like web development and mobile development. These programs are intended for beginners which makes them ideal for people switching careers or simply want to break into the tech industry without 4 years of school.
Overview Coursera is one of the most well known online learning platforms and offers thousands of courses across most disciplines. One of the best things we like most about Coursera is the partnerships they have with major universities that produce the courses. You are getting access…read more
Simplilearn is one of the leading online technology Bootcamps with programs across multiple popular disciplines. These Bootcamps include the options for individual courses, role-based training programs, and complete certification programs. These Bootcamps are applied learning programs that offer students the greatest chance of success once they…read more
About Flatiron School Flatiron school is coding bootcamp located in the Flatiron district of New York City. It offers 12-week full-time and 24-week part-time courses in web development. The school has a 93% job placement rate, with graduates earning an average salary of $75,000. Notable alumni…read more

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