The 13 Best LLC Formation Services to Use in 2022

If you’re starting a business, consider using one of these LLC formation services to help simplify the process. These companies all offer affordable pricing with a wide range of services to help your company with startup and compliance.

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Top Picks for LLC Formation Services



incfile Logo

Some of the most affordable services with fast turnaround time for all your LLC filing needs.

Trustpilot Rating:

6,626 reviews




Extremely fast and simple LLC formation services for any business

Trustpilot Rating:

10,273 reviews



Northwest Registered Agent

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Exceptional service with experts to help whenever you have questions.

Trustpilot Rating:

8 reviews


If you’re thinking about starting an LLC or any other business type, then one of your critical path items for the startup is registering the company with the state. You have a few different options to form an LLC, with an LLC formation service being one of them.

In most states the process for registering a business is straightforward. So if you’re looking to run a super lean ship, you can go to your state’s website and fill out the appropriate forms.

That said, many of these LLC services will do the basic filing for free, not including the state filing fee. Given that and the other value-added services they offer, like registered agent services, we recommend saving yourself some time and using one of these services.


Best All Around ($0 + state fees)

incfile Homepage

IncFile is a company that offers a broad suite of services for startups to get them off the ground.  When it comes to state filings, they can assist with LLC filings, name change amendments, and company dissolutions, amongst others.  They offer entrepreneurs help with annual reports, business licenses, trademarks, and the like from a compliance perspective.  And then, they can also act as a registered agent to perform IRS filings on your behalf.

They make it quick and easy to form an LLC or find a registered agent for an LLC and provide all these services at very reasonable rates.

They do offer a fresh, modern take on business formation and are a great partner to work with when you’re just getting started.  It’s a simple process, with minimal back-and-forth, and we think you’ll be surprised at just how efficient it is.


  • Large number of services
  • Multiple affordable plans
  • Can help with all business types


Incfile Pricing Plans

Silver ($0 + state fees) – Looking across all LLC formation services, this is the best price we have found. Most companies will charge you a price in addition to the state filing fee. In this case, Incfile is literally setting you up with an LLC for nothing more than what it would cost to do it yourself. Undoubtedly they are counting on you purchasing other services like registered agent services, but if you truly just want the bare bones LLC formed, you can’t beat this deal.

Gold ($199) – The gold package is an equally good deal given everything that’s included. If you can afford the price tag and don’t need expedited filing, this is the package we recommend. It comes with a year of registered agent services, an Employer Identification Number, and a host of other perks that make this the most popular plan.

Platinum ($349) – If you are need of your business being setup quickly, and need expedited filing, then this is the package for you. In addition, you will get a domain name and business email. Those are nice perks, but the real benefit here is getting the LLC formed fast if you’re in a pinch. If not, the Gold package might be your best bet.


Full Suite of Business Services (Starts at $0 + state fees)

ZenBusiness Homepage

ZenBusiness is a technology-focused company that uses a range of automation techniques to provide lightning-fast LLC services. The value proposition they focus on is getting you up and running as quickly as possible so you can get to work on the critical things – leaving the administrative and compliance components to them.

If you’re looking for something quick and straightforward, then ZenBusiness is a great choice for you without any unnecessary fuss.


  • Affordable registered agent service
  • Full suite of formation and compliance services
  • Multiple plans for all needs


ZenBusiness pricing plans

Starter ($0 + state fee) – This package includes normal filing speeds and an operating agreement template. This is another affordable option for companies looking for a basic LLC formation but doesn’t need an EIN or registered agent service.

Pro ($199 + state fee) – The Pro package adds an expedited filing service and a range of compliance assistance. If getting your business formed quickly is a top priority, this package may be your best overall option as it’s less than Incfile’s package that includes expedited filing.

Premium ($299 + state fee) – With their premium package you will get Rush filing speed, and a host of business add-ons like a website, domain name, and email address. We like this plan for those who need the speediest of formation services.

Northwest Registered Agent

Simple and affordable services ($31)

Northwest Registered Agent Homepage

Northwest Registered Agent provides precisely that – a registered agent service to help you start your business and manage all compliance-related issues in the future.  Their main differentiator is that they place a high premium on privacy and seek to make things as seamless as possible for business owners.  Ideally, you won’t even realize what they’re doing for you in the background.

They can also assist with registering and forming an LLC in any state across the country. They have the in-depth knowledge and domain expertise needed to comply with state-specific requirements wherever you are setting up shop.  Lastly, they can offer private and secure virtual offices that act as a public front-end for you while shielding you from the inbound distractions that come with a public address that everyone knows.


  • Great starter price
  • All necessary services for formation and compliance


Northwest Registered Agent Pricing Plans

The pricing varies depending on your registered agent’s location or the location where you’re forming your LLC.  In general, you’re looking at $100 to register your LLC and $125 per state you want a registered agent.


Best Suite of Legal Services ($99)

RocketLawyer Homepage

Rocket Lawyer is a wide-ranging law services firm that is on a mission to democratize expensive legal services and make them available and straightforward.  Of all their services, one of the most popular is their LLC service along with providing all the legal assistance to get this done quickly and easily.  With minimal intervention from your side, Rocket Lawyer will handle the filing on your behalf, so you have the peace of mind to know that it’s being done right the first time.

They disrupt the market by showing how much can be accomplished when you simplify the jargon and use basic templates to reduce the complexity.


  • Create and sign legal documents
  • Formation and registered agent services
  • Broad range of legal services outside of LLC formation


They price their services in terms of a membership model where you pay $39.99 per month to have access to all of their legal document templates and assistance for a wide variety of business uses.  A free LLC filing would be included in this for new members.  If you were doing this without taking up a membership, it would cost you $99.99 excluding state fees to form your LLC.


Best Newcomer ($99)

Filenow Homepage

Filenow offers some of the best LLC services on our list. With their fast, easy and affordable plans you can file your business for just $49! They also have 24 hour turnaround as an option if you’re in a hurry

Filenow’s Premium service includes all features that companies upcharge for, such as having a registered agent and EIN application pre-filled out so it’s easier when doing them later down road.

Their customer support is available round the clock which means they are available any time day/night, whichever suits client’s needs better.


  • Create and sign legal documents
  • Formation and registered agent services
  • Broad range of legal services outside of LLC formation


Filenow Pricing Table

Filenow LLC services start at a very reasonable $49 which gets you all of the necessities.

If you purchase the premium plan, you get a whole lot more for a great value. The additional services include registered agent service, EIN/Tax ID, Operating agreement, Backing Resolution, Business Contract Templates, and 24 hour order processing.


Large number of legal services ($79)

LegalZoom Homepage

LegalZoom is a wide-ranging law firm that combines digital DIY legal services with a network of vetted attorneys that can step in when needed.  They are one of the pioneers of the online legal space, bringing lots of value to new businesses.  

In just a few minutes, you can go through their wizard and have your filing in place.  All their other services then complement this for small businesses, including business compliance, change management, tax filings, intellectual property, and much more.  If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all the legal needs surrounding a new business, this is an excellent option for you.

They understand new business needs, and by leveraging their accumulated expertise, you’ll be in very safe hands – no matter what your current level of legal knowledge is.


  • Easy-to-use LLC formations services
  • Broad set of services outside of LLC formations


Their business formation services are very highly regarded, and they can help you form a new LLC for just $79, excluding state filing fees.


Business focused services ($99)

BizFilings LLC Formation Services Homepage

BizFilings do one thing, and they do it well.  Their sole focus is on company incorporations and filings, and they’ve grown a very loyal customer base because they deliver.  Whether you’re looking to form an LLC, non-profit, C-corporation, or S-corporation, they can assist.  They don’t offer any of the fluff – they focus on a user experience that is so seamless you won’t even realize the transaction’s ultimate complexity.

They’ve been in this game for 25 years now and offer a no-nonsense approach that is just what the doctor ordered.  They operate across all states, and you really wouldn’t regret going with them no matter where you’re located.


  • Focused on business formation services
  • Simple pricing scheme
  • Assists with all business types


Their basic package starts at $99 plus state filing fees to form a new LLC, but they can also offer registered agent services, tax assistance, compliance filings, and the like, all the way up to their complete package at $434 plus state taxes which offers it all.  They deliver great value for the money at every price point, and by leveraging their accumulated expertise, you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Full Suite of Service for LLC’s ($49 + State Fees)

Swyftfilings Homepage

Swyftfilings is competitive with many of the other big names in this space. They offer very similar services at similar price points. This is another company with great online reviews from sites like Trustpilot, and even has strong reviews at the BBB even though they are not accredited there.

Swyftfilings will do a name availability search, prepare articles of organization, document filing with the secretary of state, and you get free lifetime customer support even with their basic offering.

From there you have a standard and premier pricing tier that give quite a few additional services.


  • Competitive pricing and plans
  • Great online reviews
  • Handles setup of most business types


Swyftfilings Pricing Plans

Basic ($49 + filing fee) – This is a pretty standard price for a basic plan. If all you need is the basics of getting the company setup, but don’t want an EIN or operating agreement, you are probably just fine with the basic plan.

Standard ($149 + filing fee) – We like this plan the best as it gives the EIN and the operating agreement. For an additional $100, it’s worth not having to do those two parts of the formation yourself.

Premium ($299 + filing fee) – With this plan you’re buying yourself electronic delivery of state documents, a customized digital LLC kit, and express filing. So if you are in need of getting the LLC formed quickly, then consider their Premium package.

Better Legal

Transparent Services ($299 + State Filing Fee)

BetterLegal Homepage

BetterLegal is another LLC formation service that can get you set up easily using their online tools. You will note when you get to their website that it’s very straightforward, and they focus on setting up LLC’s and Corporations. Simply select their “Services” link, and you will be taken to the page to select which state you’d like to set up your LLC.

While they don’t have the cheapest solution right out of the gate, their pricing and features are very transparent. Their base plan also comes with some features that other companies like IncFile don’t have in their cheapest plan. Things like an EIN are only available in an upgrade plan with some other formation services, so BetterLegal is fairly priced for what they deliver.

You will also find that BetterLegal has a very large number of filing services you can choose from a la carte.  We’re talking hundreds of options. So if you are in need of a service that another company does not provide, take a look at their offerings and you may find what you’re looking for.


  • Straightforward offerings and pricing
  • Lots of a la carte filing services
  • Good online reviews and testimonials


BetterLegal Pricing Plans

BetterLegal pricing is extremely simple. For both LLC formation, you pay $299 plus whatever your states filing fee is. Select the state you want to form the LLC in, and you can quickly see the total cost you will pay for the initial setup of the LLC. From there, you can add on additional options as necessary.

Nationwide Incorporators

Attorney’s available for consultation ($200)

Nationwide Incorporators Homepage

Nationwide Incorporators is a long-standing service firm that has been running since 1997 and offers all that experience to provide high-quality business formations that are well suited to your unique needs.  They are very focused on being hands-on and creating custom solutions for your business to get you where you need to be effectively and efficiently.

All in all, if you’re looking for a provider to treat you as a valued client, not just a number, then this is a great one to go with for all your business formation needs.


  • Talk with a live attorney
  • Fast and simple process
  • Clear and affordable pricing


Their pricing is clear and transparent so that you know what you’re getting for your money.  The basic package costs $200 plus state fees and will help you incorporate, find a name, register your first board of directors, and more.  The next package comes in at $425 plus state fees and includes customized bylaws, stock certificates, stock ledger listings, and more, all completed by experienced attorneys.  The most expensive package costs $475 before state fees and adds tax services on top for the comprehensive experience.


Small Business Focused ($99)

MyCorporation Homepage

MyCorporation is a well-regarded online business formation company that can help you register an LLC or any other business type quickly and efficiently.  They have helped over 1 million businesses at this stage, and they stand out because of their stance on customer support.  Regardless of what tier of services you go with, you will have unlimited access to high-quality customer support to guide you through the process.

In essence, they give you everything you need to get your business off the ground adhering to all the necessary compliance requirements without drowning you in paperwork.  It’s simple and easy-to-understand, making it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs.


  • Large suite of business services
  • Affordable services (look for free EIN promo)
  • Additional trademark and copyright services


The basic package starts at $99 before state fees and comes with your basic company formation and name check.  Packages then range from there up to $324 before state fees and can incorporate other services, including annual reports, a registered agent service, compliance checks, and much more.  In addition, they can offer payroll, corporate supplies, and ancillary legal work as an add-on.


Formation and Registered Agent Services ($99)

Incorp LLC Formation Services Homepage

Incorp offers high-quality registered agent services across the USA as well as very competitive business formation services for an LLC, a C-corp, an S-corp, or any other type of business you’re looking to start.  

The major differentiator for Incorp is an ongoing support structure called EntityWatch, which is plugged into all the state databases around the country and provides regular status reports on any companies you own so you don’t find yourself the victim of identity theft.  Their customer service is direct and time-zone specific, so you can always get in touch with someone, and they are passionate about going above and beyond for all your business formation needs.

Either way, whether you’re using them at the beginning to get your company formed or using their ongoing services – you’ll benefit from the same high-quality service, friendly customer support, and extremely competitive pricing across all their services. 


  • Great customer service
  • EntityWatch to keep an eye on important information
  • Affordable pricing and services 


You can form your LLC from $99 depending on the state and access the registered agent services starting at $67 depending on the state.  These prices are extremely competitive, and when you consider how much is packed in – it’s a great deal.


Competitive rates ($79)

MyCompanyWorks Homepage

MyCompanyWorks is a modern, fresh-faced business formation that takes the guesswork out of the process and delivers its services with transparency, speed, and efficiency.  Their interactive startup wizard walks you through the process and gives you customized advice and assistance depending on your unique needs.  Whether you are forming an LLC or any other type of company, they will be there with you every step of the way.

Pricing starts at $79 plus state fees to form an LLC, one of the most competitive rates out there.  As you move up the scale, you can access various other services, including annual reports, compliance filings, and the like – everything you need to start and manage a small business.

They’ve helped over 60,000 companies at this point, and the customer reviews are stellar across the board.  Their modern design and forward-thinking approach keep entrepreneurs coming back again and again.  If you’re a digital-first business that values a fresh interface backed up by solid fundamentals, then this is an excellent provide.  You won’t be disappointed.


  • Focused on business formation and management services
  • Startup wizard to guide you through the process
  • Free E-Delivery


Pricing starts at $79 plus state fees to form an LLC, one of the most competitive rates out there.  As you move up the scale, you can access various other services, including annual reports, compliance filings, and the like – everything you need to start and manage a small business.

Inc Authority

Free formation with add-on services (Free)

Inc Authority LLC Formation Services Homepage

Inc Authority has a unique value proposition because they offer their LLC services for free.  The only charge you’ll pay is the state fees which are out of their control, but everything else is waived because they want to gain your trust and make you a long-term customer with all of their other products and services.

Once they’ve earned your trust by executing flawlessly on the company formation, they strive to help your business by becoming a partner who has your best interests at heart.

They’ve been around since 1989, which shows you that their stuff works, and it’s tough to beat ‘free.’  There’s a reason that they’ve been so successful. The glowing customer reviews should give you the confidence needed to trust their simple yet effective business formation packages.  You won’t find many better deals.


  • Free LLC setup service
  • Focused on business startup services
  • Additional services such as business plans, funding, and credit


Included in your free package are registered agent services, a name check, tax planning consultation, business credit and funding analysis, and much more.  If you want to go beyond that, they offer additional paid business services for taking your company to the next level. 


To find the best LLC service for your small business, it’s important that you compare features and prices. The ideal company has affordable services with enough flexibility to meet legal needs while still providing a high level of customer satisfaction in reviews from popular websites like BBB or Trustpilot

The top ranking criteria were price, online document access, registered agent add-on option, articles of organization, and the availability of additional legal services.

What is an LLC?

An LLC, or limited liability company, is a type of business structure that provides limited liability to its owners. This means that the owners of an LLC are not personally responsible for the debts and liabilities of the business. An LLC can be a great option for business owners who want the limited liability protection of a corporation but don’t want to deal with the additional paperwork and formalities that come with running a corporation.

To form an LLC, you will need to file Articles of Organization with your state’s Secretary of State. There may be other requirements, such as filing a doing business as (DBA) name or registering with the IRS. Be sure to check with your state’s Secretary of State for more information.

One of the benefits of forming an LLC is that it is often easier and less expensive to set up than a corporation. Additionally, LLCs are not subject to the same restrictions that corporations are, such as restrictions on ownership or the number of shareholders. This makes LLCs a popular choice for small businesses.

Choosing an LLC Service

Before deciding on an LLC service, it’s first important to note that you can do this on your own in most states with a little effort.

But for those who are new to game of setting up LLC’s, it’s often worth the cost of a service rather then spend your own time.

When it comes to choosing which company to use, all those on this list are going to get the basic job done with no problem.

Your goal should be to ensure the LLC service you pick has all the other services you need, and may some day consider using.

For instance, having them serve as your registered agent is also very beneficial. Getting a name search and operating agreement template are nice perks (although not that difficult to do on your own either).

As your company grows however, you may want to take advantage of other services like annual report filings, getting an EIN, or more complicated legal services.

So take the time to choose one with a fair price for setting up your LLC, but also one that offers a broad set of services to help you going forward.

Online LLC Services vs. In-Person

If you’re new to forming an LLC, then you might be wondering what’s the best solution for the formation service you use. Assuming you’ve decided to use a service and forgo attempting the formation on your own, you can use an in-person or online LLC formation service.

Each of these has its own benefits, and you need to decide which is the best for your circumstances. Here’s a quick look at the differences between using an online service and an in-person (typically a lawyer) company.

Cost – The cost of an online LLC formation service is, in most cases, going to be far cheaper than having a local lawyer or law firm help with your formation. Given that some online services like Incfile will get you a basic setup with only the cost of the state fees, it’s going to be hard for a local firm to beat that cost.

The online companies are banking on you buying extra services like registered agent services that are recurring annual fees. Even if you get a premium package from an online service, they are typically less than a local firm which can easily cost $1,000 or more.

Advice – If you want consultation because you have questions about your LLC formation, then paying extra for an in-person formation service might be a good idea. Many of the online LLC formation services do offer tax consultations and other perks with their premium plans, it still won’t be as much as sitting down with a legal adviser who can answer different questions you may have.

Speed – If you already have a local firm, and an easy line of communication to them, speed might be a wash. But assuming you are new to the process, using an online service is almost always going to be faster. You can use one of these services and literally be done in a matter of minutes. You will be walked through each requirement for setting up the LLC, make your payment, and the documents will be submitted within a day or two after they’ve done some initial research.

Finding the right in-person solution will obviously take you time to research. Then you will need to sit down with this person to walk through the documents and get them submitted. Again, this might be the best solution if you are hesitant or unsure of the formation process.

Additional Services – Both online and in-person LLC formation services may provide additional services like registered agent services. They can also help you establish “Doing Business As” (DBA) names for your business, license searches, and a host of other services you may find beneficial.

If you think you will need some of these, make sure you find a formation company that offers a full suite of services. The more complicated your business, the more beneficial it may be to have a local lawyer to discuss specifics of your business formation. But if you only need a basic setup, or are comfortable with the requirements for your business, an online formation service is going to have most of what you need.

How to Form an LLC on Your Own

After looking through the formation services in this article, you may decide you’d like to save the money and form you LLC on your own.

That’s a completely fine route to take, and in most states it’s fairly simple. For the most part you’ll have to complete the same steps as using an LLC formation service, but you will complete and file the forms on your own.

By using a service, you’re just saving yourself the hassle of finding the right forms and submitting them with the correct fees.

Step 1: Go to Google (or any search engine) and type in “Form an LLC in ‘enter your state'”. Usually the .gov site for that state will display with the page showing the forms necessary to be completed. You will need to file the articles of organization with your state. Some states may refer to the articles of organization as “certificate of formation” or “certificate of organization” instead.

Step 2: Complete the articles of organization online if possible or print them out if that’s the only option. You will need to have the LLC’s name, registered agents name, how the LLC will be managed, and some other very basic information.

Step 3: Submit these documents with the appropriate fee. Most states will give you the option to expedite the filing for an additional cost so don’t forget to complete this step if you’re trying to form your LLC quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there more LLC formation services?

While this article covers many of the best LLC formation services, there are definitely more out there. Because many companies offer legal services to small businesses, many also offer help with setting up an LLC or other company types.

What is the fastest way to set up an LLC?

In our opinion, unless you are familiar with the process, the fastest way to set up an LLC is to use one of these services. They have a lot of experience, and what may take a newbie hours to figure out can be done in a matter of minutes with an LLC formation service.

While you can typically save a few dollars by doing the work yourself, these services are also extremely affordable. For less than $100, most of these services have a plan that will cover your basic formation needs. It’s well worth the price considering the time savings.

Can I set up an LLC for free?

You cannot avoid the state filing fee that comes with setting up an LLC. That fee differs depending on the state and is typically affordable. The paperwork required to file the LLC is normally straightforward, so if you want to devote the time, it can be done for no more than the state fee.

How do online LLC services work?

Online LLC formation services are straightforward. You select the type of business you want to set up, give them the necessary information, and they submit the state’s required documents. Depending on your selected services, you will receive your formation documentation in the mail in a few days or weeks. You will have the option to select expedited services in many cases to get things done faster if needed.

What is the best state to form an LLC?

If you’ve been searching long enough, you’ve probably seen conversations about forming your LLC in certain states. Yes, states like Delaware have long been considered business-friendly. But unless you have a complicated business and have been advised by an attorney to its benefit, we recommend forming your LLC in the state you will be doing business.

As soon as you move the LLC to a different state, you introduce several complicating factors. For instance, you will most likely end up paying fees in both the state you formed the LLC and the state you are doing business with. It simply creates additional work that most small business owners don’t need or have the time to deal with.

Consult an attorney if you think you have a more complex situation while forming an LLC.

Do I need a lawyer to set up an LLC?

No. You can set up your LLC on your own, with the help of an attorney or one of these services. If you have concerns about your business, such as local license requirements, an attorney can be beneficial. Otherwise, an attorney can end up costing quite a bit more to form your LLC.

How much do lawyers charge for LLC formation services?

A lawyer’s cost to help with LLC formation can vary greatly, but according to Thumbtack, it averages around $200 per hour.

Most lawyers will give a free consultation but will begin billing hours as soon as the scope of work is locked in. Typically it will take a few hours for an attorney to complete the necessary work to form your LLC, and that can easily translate into a thousand dollars or more.

The best reason to use an attorney as an LLC formation service is that you have other legal needs. If not, you’re much better filing the forms yourself or using one of our recommended services above.

Can I file for an LLC on my own?

Yes. As discussed above, you can form an LLC on your own by filing the appropriate documents. States typically have the forms listed on a government site with instructions and filing fees.

Each state has different rules, so it takes some time to understand everything you need to form the LLC properly.

But if you are on an extremely tight budget, you can form your LLC on your own with nothing more than the state filing fee.

Do I have to have a registered agent?

Yes. Every LLC, regardless of the state, is required to have a registered agent. The specifics about who can be the registered agent differ by state. In some instances, any person with an address in the state can be the registered agent. Other states may require you to have another third-party company play this role. Consult the information on your state’s government website to get the registered agent requirements for your LLC.

What are the advantages of an LLC vs a Corportation?

Both LLC’s and Corporations provide advantages with regards to legal liability, but creating an LLC is much easier.

Another benefit many people see is that an LLC is not viewed as a separate entity when it comes to taxes. The taxes flow through to your personal tax returns, making taxes easier than with corporations in most cases.

Members of an LLC can also choose how they want to be treated from a tax perspective. They can be treated as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation.

What other services to these companies offer?

Most of these LLC formation services also offer other services to small businesses to help with compliance.

Look for the good ones (including those in our top pick category) to provide registered agents services, name change capability, Employer Identification Numbers (EIN), and Certificates of Good Standing.

All of these are add-ons that can make your life much easier on an annual basis.

Should I pay for an operating agreement and/or registered agent service?

In most states an operating agreement is not required whereas a registered agent is needed.

You can serve as your own registered agent, but if you’d like anonymity when it comes to some aspects of the business, the paying for registered agent service is a good idea.

An operating agreement isn’t even a requirement in many states, but it’s definitely recommended. That’s especially true if there is more than one member of the LLC. This agreement can serve as a legal document that formally calls out the roles each member will have the in business.

So while you’re not required to have a service do either of these things, it also can’t hurt if you have the budget.

Should I file my LLC in my home state?

This is totally up to you, and you may be wise to seek legal advice if you’re starting a complex business. But in general, forming an LLC in the state where you are operating makes the most sense.

If you form in a different state, be aware you are now creating reporting requirements in the that state, plus the one you are operating in. In most cases the benefits of forming in a different state are not worth the additional administrative hassle.

How do these companies help keep my LLC in good standing?

Granted you will need to subscribe to an ongoing plan, but if you do, these formation companies will continue to help you will annual filings.

Using them as a registered agent will ensure appropriate legal documents are addressed promptly.

They will also remind you to pay your annual fees and to submit your annual reports which keep the LLC in good standing.

The Bottom Line

Starting a business can seem very complicated, but the documents’ simple filing is actually quite simple.

With a little time and effort, you can easily put these documents together yourself, but why would you? Multiple LLC formation services on this list will file the routine LLC documents for no cost.  You pay the state filing fees which is what you’d pay doing the work on your own. So why not save yourself time and hassle.

Additionally, you will likely take advantage of some of these services at some point in your business’s lifespan. So it’s worthwhile to establish a relationship and understand what they have to offer.

Regardless of your final decision, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these companies’ services. This way, you will have a complete understanding of your options regarding forming your LLC.

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